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Stedelijk Museum # ROB VAN KONINGSBRUGGEN #1975, mint-

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Artist/ Author: Rob van Koningsbruggen

Title : Rob van Koningsbruggen

Publisher: Stedelijk Museum

pages : 4

Text / Language: dutch and english

Measurements: 10.6 x 8  inches .

Condition:  MINT-

Yes... it exists!

 In spite of what is believed a few pamphlets were published with the Fundamental exhibition from 1975. Rob van Koningsbruggen, had withdrawn himself from the FUNDAMENTELE SCHILDERKUNST exhibition and therefore was officially not included  in the exhibition , but thanks to Christiaan Braun, who lent some Koningsbruggen works ( with permission of van Koningsbruggen ), his works were included and the Stedelijk Museum decided to publish this 4 page pamphlet. This was published in an extremely small edition, but this 4 pages proof its existence.





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