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Musee du Luxembourg,Paris# LEONOR FINI # 1986, Mint

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This is considered to be the ultimate LEONOR FINI catalogue published. The Musee du Luxembourg presented Leonor Fini in a large Retrospective exhibition in 1986. This catalogue was published for this exhibition and is since sought after by many collectors. It is an excellent catalogue beautifully published by Editions Guy Pieters. CFM gallery gave the following description for this catalogue: MOST IMPORTANT EXHIBITION CATALOG -----HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION 13. LEONOR FINI (Musãƒâƒã‚â©e de Luxembourg Catalog) Introduction by Leonor Fini; Texts by Jacques AUDIBERTI, Yves BONNEFOY, Pierre BORGUE, Jean BOURET, Marcel BRION, Jacques BROSSE, Jean BURGOS, Luigi CARLUCCIO, Jean COCTEAU, Claude-Louis COMBET, Luisa CRUSVAR, Jean-Claude DEDIEU, Paul ELUARD, Max ERNST, Silvio GAGGI, Xavier GAUTHIER, Jean GENET, Jean Paul GUIBBERT, Gustaw HERLING, Gustav-Rene HOCKE, Constantin JELENSKI, Marcel JOUHANDEAU, Jan KOTT, James LORD, Andrãƒâƒã‚â© Piãƒâƒã‚â¨yre de MANDIARGUES, Guiseppe MARCHIORI, Dario MICACCHI, Parcel PAQUET, Mario PRAZ, Claude-Frederique SAMMER, Alberto SAVINIO, Patrick WALDBERG and Leonor FINI (French); Editions Guy Pieters; Knokke-Le Zoute; 1986; 101/2" x 91/2" w; 201 pages of text and illustrations; 13 pp black & white, balance in color; Fold out color pictorial board cover. Sold out during first days of this retrospective that was attended by more than 5,000 people daily. Beautiful color photos of paintings spanning a period from 1939 to 1986. This item is the First Edition of the catalog with show dates listed inside.-

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