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Galerie Husstege-Steltman # MICHAEL PARKES #1978, nm

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Artist/ Author: Michael Parkes Title : Michael Parkes Publisher: Galerie Husstege-Steltman Number of pages: 16 pages Text / Language: dutch. text by Frans Duister Measurements: 8.3 x 7.8 inches Condition: nm extra information on this item: If you think the Leo Duppen book ( next month at auction ) is the first Michael Parkes publication you are wrong. This is like a "ghost" edition. Many people know of its existence but very few have ever seen or owned one , because the edition was very small and most were destroyed in the last 32 years. This 1978 Husstege Steltman edition started it all and was published on occasion of the first Parkes Amsterdam exhibition. Extremely rare and an absolute gem to add to your Michael Parkes collection.

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