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Fiona Rae # Original painting from 500 Paintings for WITTE DE WITH# Mint

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Artist/ Author: Fiona Rae Title : Fiona Rae / 500 paintings for Witte de With Publisher: Witte de With. ed of 500 boxes Original box included and contains 4 art works , Doriana Chiarini, Aernout Mik, Kay Rosen and FIONA RAE Text / Language: english Measurements: Fiona Rae painting 4.1 x 3.5 approx Condition: mint extra information on this item: Original painting by Fiona Rae ( each painting is unique). This is painting no. 0232 and a highly collectable Fiona Rae painting. Furthermore 5 cards by Kay Rosen, a fold out paper by Chiarini and 5 photocards by Aernout Mik. The Rae painting makes this box very special. All the artworks are in Mint condition,

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