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Art & Project # BEELDEN UIT ONS DEPOT # 1991, mint

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Artist/ Author: div, Cragg and Long ao

Title : Beelden uit ons depot

Publisher: Art & Project, 1991

Text / Language:  dutch

Measurements: 5.8 x 4.2  inches .

Condition:  MINT


From 1968 until 1989, Art & Project ( Adriaan van Ravesteijn  and Geert van Beijeren ) published their "Bulletin" and other mail art publications. The total number of these Bulletins was 156 in a period of  21 years.. After this period they moved to Slootdorp to continue their gallery Art & Project. Many iconic exhibitions have taken place in all these years

These publications and invitations have now become quintessential in the history of Modern Art.

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